2 Months supply
EDTA very effective in removing toxic heavy metal from the body.
   AmerMed EDTA (Calcium Disodium)
120 capsules x 800mg per capsule, 2 caps a day = 2 months supply
 33% more EDTA per bottle
Suggested use: 1 Capsule two times a day on an empty stomach or as directed by your physician
AMERMED EDTA can be taken by 4 different methods
Capsule - which is the least effective method of taking EDTA for absorbtion.
Liquid form - which is at least 10x
more effective method than taking a capsule.
EDTA  Suppositories
Which is a very effective method
Most effective method
All of these methods are in detail in the links to another page on this website.
Customer reviews bottom of this page
  3 Bottles AMERMED 
  EDTA 360 CAPSULES                X   800MG
6 Bottles Amermed
EDTA Chelation

AmerMed EDTA, Heavy Metal Detox,
   120 capsules x 800mg
 Our price is $30.00 includes Free Postage
  + Tracking within Australia only


AmerMed EDTA, Heavy Metal


      360 capsules x 800 mg

  Our price is $80.00 includes

      Free Postage + Tracking

                Australia Only

720 Capsules x 800 mg

Our Price $150.00 includes

Free Express Postage

+ Tracking

Australia Only


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