AmerMed EDTA (Calcium DiSodium)

This may Increase Your Life Span By Flushing Your Arteries Free of All Life Threatening Heavy Metals that cause Plaque!!!

EDTA is the most effective synthetic amino acid that has a high affinity for a wide range of toxic heavy metals,

EDTA is renowned for its arterial cleansing ability that may effectively removes the plaque, cholesterol and heavy metals which congest, restrict, and impede blood flow and oxygen throughout the 75,000 miles of blood vessels within the body flushing the Heavy metal out of the body via the urine. EDTA is at least 4 times safer than aspirin.
This cleaning process leaves you with an improved blood supply to heart lowering blood pressure and increasing oxygen, blood supply to the entire body.

EDTA may normalize the distribution through out the entire body of many metallic elements in the body.
Oral chelation takes longer than costly IV therapy but can accomplish the same results and is inexpensive!

Oral EDTA has been used for at least as long as IV administration.
EDTA in the form of calcium-disodium will not remove essential calcium — but will remove the unwanted calcifications that promote atherosclerosis.
This calcification is a conglomeration of calcium and heavy metals and is not soluble or metabolized due, in part, to its heavy metal content. As calcium disodium EDTA encounters these calcifications, it chelates the heavy metal portion of these deposits allowing the release of the calcium for use in normal metabolic functions.

The EDTA calcium disodium lets go of the calcium when it bumps into heavier elements such as lead and Iron.

The calcium dropped by the EDTA is grabbed by the body and put back in to the bones and teeth where it belongs!

Meanwhile, the EDTA keeps hold of the toxic heavy metals and safely carries them out of your body.

Calcium Disodium EDTA is highly attracted Lead+++, Free Iron

Aluminium++, Copper++, Mercury+, Nickel++, Cobalt++, Zinc+, Cadminium+, Magnesium+, Maganese+and Calcium.

EDTA is reckonized by the FDA-approved as treatment for high levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium poisoning.

Australia is 1 of the largest lead producers in the world. 

Recent studies indicate that even lower blood lead levels, as low as 2 µg/dL, can have catastrophic effects on a person’s health, including early death from heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Those with blood lead levels of 3.6 to 10 µg/dL of blood were two and half times more likely to die of a heart attack, 89% more likely to die of stroke and 55% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease. Conducted by Andy Menke, MPH, of Tulane University School of Public Health in the U.S.

WebMD medical News – ‘Lead in Blood: ‘Safe’ Levels Too High?’, by Miranda Hitti, September 18, 2006 

Calcium DiSodium EDTA (CaNa2EDTA)

EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid) is a non-toxic synthetic amino acid that was sythesized by Germany in 1931, designed to treat patients with severe lead poisoning.
EDTA has been in use since the 1940s, After World War 2 men working in battery factories, painted ships with lead based paints started coming down with lead poisoning. EDTA was used and found to be very effective for removing the lead that caused lead poisoning, it was also Discovered that there was a reduction in heart disease symptoms in these men.
EDTA Calcium Disodium is the safest of the synthetic chelators.
Major free radicals creating agents in the body are Toxic Heavy Metals - Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Iron, Cadmium, Chlorine.



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