Pure Calcium Disodium EDTA can be taken by Capsule method or in Liquid Form or as EDTA Suppository or Under the Tongue

4 Methods of taking Amermed Calcium Disodium EDTA capsules


How to take EDTA Capsules orally

1 capsule 2 x a day, preferably 12hrs apart on a empty stomach with a glass of water, 1 hour before food.

5% - 18% absorbed into bloodstream.

    Least effective method of taking EDTA.


How to Make Liquid EDTA.

EDTA powder in AmerMed capsule is micronized for quick dissolving into solution.

If you want to take EDTA in liquid form for faster more effective results you carefully pull a capsule

                   apart and mix the contents with a glass of water and take at least 1 hour before food.


      How will this liquid EDTA compare to the capsule?

            It takes about 16 drops(little over 1cc or 1ml) to equal the volume of 1 capsule.

Basically if you mix the contents of 1 capsule and its 800mg of EDTA with 1cc of water you would

      have 800mg of liquid EDTA.

Up to 60% is absorbed straight into the blood stream.


  Liquid EDTA has a lot higher absorbtion rate than any pills or capsules, up to 10x better.

How to Make EDTA  Suppositories

Its very Easy to make your own Suppositories using Virgin Coconut oil or Cacao butter, EDTA,

latex gloves using the 4 fingers to make 4 Suppository moulds, 4 clothes pegs, plastic skewer.
Put Virgin Coconut oil into a glass and sit the glass in hot water or if the day is over 20degrees on the window

sill in direct sunlight and it will slowly fully melt.
Cut 4 fingers of the latex glove and put about 5ml of liquid coconut oil into 1 finger, hang it on to a glass with a clothes peg,

Take 1, 800mg edta capsule and carefully pull it apart and put it into the mix and give it a little stir,

this will give you 1 x 800mg EDTA suppository.
Then do 1 at a time this way until you have done all 4 fingers, leave them hanging on the glass and put it in to the fridge
to solidify.

You will end up with 4 EDTA x 800mg suppositories.


EDTA Under the Tongue


Carefully pull capsule apart and dump the contents of the capsule under the Tongue.

  I use this Method, I hold it there and let the saliva dissolve the EDTA.


I find it warms up slightly as it dissolves and tastes slightly salty, Fastest method for absorbtion

straight into the blood stream.


EDTA will diffuse directly into the bloodstream by being absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth,

bypassing the GI tract.


    This is  definitely a preferred medically proven to be fastest and more efficient method, than simple

oral administration.

Up to 98% absorbed straight into blood stream.


      Well documented for maximum absorbtion of EDTA it should be taken on an empty stomach at

least 1/2 hour before food.


Taking it this way maximizes the EDTA chelating out those harmful heavy metals in your bloodstream.

   If taken with food, EDTA will immediately chelate the minerals and metals that was in the food thats

             been absorbed into the bloodstream before it gets into the cells.


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